Servicios en Minería

Mining Services

Within our services related to mining you have to follow these formalities.

  • Study and processing applications for mining concessions
  • Application for mining concessions and allotments
  • Reduction, division, identification or unification of surface
  • Grouping of mining concessions, the addition or removal of these to one or more of them
  • Issue of a duplicate of the title of mining concession or allotment
  • Inscription in the register of mining experts
  • Registration of deeds, contracts or agreements concerning the transfer of ownership of mining concessions or rights derived from them.
  • Preparation of contracts for transfer of rights of mining rights
  • Cancellation of entries related to the acts, contracts or agreements referred to in the preceding section
  • Registration of mining companies
  • Regulation and promotion of mining and registration and / or registration of enterprises with foreign direct investment in the Ministry of Economy
  • Registration of statutory modifications of those companies
  • Preventive notarial notices
  • Notations to stop the cancellation of registration of contracts or agreements subject to temporality
  • Review the documentation that it commits the corrections or clarifications required for registration or cancellation of the acts, contracts or arrangements mentioned in the previous sections

In the legal part elaborate and present the following:

  • Review resources
  • Invalidation Trial
  • Injunction

This can be in the event that you cancel your mine or any other administrative dispute.