Propiedad Intelectual


The protection of copyright is granted with respect to their works, which features apply to any of the following classes:

  • Literacy;
  • Scientific, technical and legal;
  • Educational and teaching;
  • Musical, with or without lyrics;
  • Of dance, choreographies and pantomimes;
  • Pictorial, drawing, engravings, or lithographs;
  • Character sculpture and visual arts;
  • Architecture
  • Of photography, film, audiovisual, radio and television;
  • Of computer programs and
  • All other by analogy may be considered within the generic types of artistic and intellectual above.

These works of arts are registered in the the appropriate institute or office.

Also there is the reservation of tittle, name or names of periodicals, regular dissemination, stage name or names of performing groups.

  • Contract registration
  • Administrative proceedings, among others