Administrative Bonds

Ensure compliance with general obligations between two parties entering into a contract to be secured.

  • Deposit or bidding Contest
  • Deposit in Advance
  • Performance Bond
  • Deposit of Good Quality
  • Deposit Lease
  • Deposit of raffles and drawings
  • Bonds fiscal interest dissatisfaction and employers contribution
  • Bonds in installments payment agreement
  • Bonds temporary import and export
  • Deposits of concessions, permits, patents and licenses

Fidelity Bonds

Guarantees compensation for any damage caused by the crimes of theft, fraud, breach of trust or embezzlement.

  • Single Bond
  • Certificate Bonds
  • Deposit Collective
  • limited liability Global Bond and strata grouping consolidates administrative staff of a company with different levels of responsibility
  • Deposit in excess of the Global: To cover those employees responsibilities and risks that are different than the generality
  • Deposit of lump sum for Sellers

Judicial Bonds

Ensure compliance with the duties and obligations of any person within legal proceedings.

1) Bail Bonds Criminal: seeks to evade the criminal justice action.

  • Probation Deposit
  • Deposit of Conviction (freedom) conditional
  • Parole Bond

2) Deposit Civil Judicial: to ensure the damages which might result in legal proceedings to third parties.

  • Cautionary Deposit Providencia
  • Providence Deposit Cautionary Lift
  • Bond Cargo (legal manager, trustee or management as executor)
  • Alimony Bond
  • Judicial Deposit under

3) Judicial which protect drivers of motor vehicles

Credit Bonds

  • From supply
  • From sale
  • Financial


This type of bond comprises the following divisions:

  • Policies related bonds
  • From sale